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Reservations & Policies

To make reservations or to get priority listing, call us during regular business hours at  +1 925 3617473 +1 925 3617473​ or email us dublinktv@yahoo.com

  1. Priority listing is available for Mini, Small, Medium, and Large Rooms. Rooms are occuppied by first come first serve basis, and are not guarenteed for call ins. 
  2. Reservations can only be made for VIP and SVIP rooms. (There must be a 30 minute cleaning time gap in between reservations)
  3. There must be a definite start and end time. 
  4. We require a $100 deposit upon reservation. Deposits are non-refundable and can not be transferred. Deposits are only credited towards the reservation it was made for. 
  5. Reservation time frames may only be extended if available, but can not be moved in its entirety
  6. The customer is resposible for total costs of reserved time, with a grace period of 30 minutes. (For example: If the room is reserved for 3 hours, but stays for only 2 hours, we will charge for 2 hours and 30 minutes of the reserved time.)
  7. No outside food or beverage are allowed. Cake is okay for celebrations. 
  8. We may allow for outside pizza with a convenience fee of $10 per pizza. 
  9. Wine Corkage fee is $25 per bottle.
  10. We will fine a MINIMUM of $150 for any outside alcohol bottle found.

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covid Store Hours (temporary):

Thurday: 6pm-2am

Friday:     6pm-2am

Saturday: 6pm-2am

Sunday:   6pm-12am


Happy Hour:

Heartbeat KTV Karaoke Lounge
4288 Dublin Blvd Suite 210
Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: +1 925 3617473 +1 925 3617473

E-mail: contact@heartbeatktv.com

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